Writing Ideas

Our Business School Is A Diverse Environment…

One of the most impressive things about going to school for your MBA is that you will be doing so in a very diverse environment. The people that you will meet and be supported by while you study for your MBA can certainly open your eyes to new perspectives and views that you might have never explored.

You may be asked in your MBA essay about how you are going to contribute to such a diverse environment. This can be a relatively complicated and loaded question to answer unless you think about how you’re going to answer it.

Explain How Open You Will Be

You could start by talking about how open you are to taking in new perspectives. Write about how you have come across new concepts in the past and discuss what you learned from the things you have explored. Think about how the things you learned have inspired your life and how you have changed your attitudes based on what you have explored.

Consider the School’s Values

Every MBA school has its own particular values with regards to community support and advancing society. Mention in your answer how you will use different perspectives to guide you towards getting something extra out of your work. This is to give you added control over your life and to show that you fully understand how you are going to make your work stand out in any manner.

You have to be ready to not only accept the school’s values but also be willing to see how they can work alongside your own. Discuss how you plan on working alongside what the school encourages so you can become a better person. Remember, following such values is not about obedience but rather about becoming a stronger and more well-rounded individual.

Look At the Community

Think about how you might work with a larger group when getting towards your goals. You will have to work with a number of different viewpoints and perspectives if you want to make your work in the field go forward. Discuss in your plans for talking about the community at large about how you might wish to highlight certain concepts and values in your work.

Discuss how your efforts for working in a larger community can be organized in a special manner. Think about how you will use the opinions of many people and how you will be open to different values. Your efforts in working with others could help to make your work stand out and become more viable in many ways.

Don’t be afraid if you are ever asked about how you are going to contribute to the diversity of your school while studying for your MBA. Your answer to the question can help show that you have a strong interest in your work and that you are heavily invested in whatever it is you want to do with your life. More importantly, it shows that you are ready to work with the extensive and diverse environment that you plan on studying in.