Writing Ideas

What Are Your Principal Interests Outside Of Work Or School?

The school you will be attaining your MBA at understands that every student has his or her own outside interests. You should explain in your MBA essay what you are interested in and how it relates to your studies. This is to not only show that you have many interests but also that you have been able to evolve along with them.

Talk About Your Influences

First, you should think about the influences in your life and how they relate to what you are interested in. Talk about the people or events that have inspired you and how you have participated in a number of interesting activities based on those things. You can talk about how these have prompted you to complete your studies in a unique way.

Express Your Passion

The outside interests you have should be illustrative of your passion for your work. Link those interests to your field of study and talk about how they relate to what you want to do in life. Talk about why you want to move forward in your studies based on those things you hold dear to your life so you can get more out of your work.

Be Specific If Possible

You have to especially be specific when talking about your interests. If you are interested in cooking then you should talk about the specific things you have done with cooking in mind as well as how you might have experimented with different foods. Meanwhile, if you like baseball then you could specifically talk about any leagues you have competed in or any events relating to the sport that you have organized. Explaining everything relating to your interests helps show that there are many facets to your life.

Show How You Have Evolved

When talking about your interests and hobbies, discuss how you have evolved with them over time. You can talk to the school about how you have worked hard towards achieving certain things in your life. You need to show that your interests contribute to your life in a number of ways.

Heading back to the food example, let’s talk about how you could have evolved with regards to your interest in food. You could discuss how you have learned all sorts of brand new recipes over time, for instance. You could mention how your work with food has carried over to business or charitable activities if desired. This might include how you could have prepared foods for different charitable groups, for instance. Whatever the interest is, you must show that you have grown with it.

Be willing to talk in detail about the things that you have done in the past and what inspires you today if you want to make the most out of your studies. Being open about your greatest interests outside of your studies can show that you have many interests and that your future studies will especially be relevant to your life in general. This also shows that you have a strong desire to be productive in life.