Describe A Personal Achievement That Has Impacted Your Life

Every person has had some kind of success in one’s life. It could be from some kind of task that was completed while in the workplace or from a study that proved to be appealing to a good number of people. The odds are you have been successful in some way as well, which leads to this particular MBA essay question that you might be subjected to.

As you answer the question, you could always talk about any kind of achievement that you have attained in your life. But in order to make it work, you have to look at how you’re going to talk about it. You have to show that whatever you wish to discuss is worth talking about in some way.

Look At What You Did

Think in detail about the things that you did to attain success in some way. Talk about how you might have moved forward in your studies or anything else in your life based on certain values or strategies that you worked with. Look back at the great things that happened in your life because of certain moves that you made to go far and get the most out of your work so it can go far.

Look At the Big Picture

Whatever it is you wish to write about, you have to think about how it helped you to get forward. You don’t have to say that you attained something huge. You just have to say that you attained something that helped you get closer to your overall goal. This is all about giving you more control over your life and that you are fully ready to do more with it.

For instance, you might say that you have a long-term goal of being the manager at a certain business. You could write about how you attained an award at that business or that you got some kind of promotion for your work. You don’t necessarily have to be specific.

What Did You Learn?

Everyone learns something new from their successes. These include lessons relating to what people should do in order to keep on being successful and to benefit from what they have done. Write in your essay about what you learned and how you plan on using those lessons to this day. Anything that has helped you to move forward and become a more valuable and useful person in the world is always worthwhile.

You should look at what you might have learned while also discussing how you applied those lessons to future activities. Be ready to show that you are fully aware of what you need to do so you can move forward with your life and thrive in some particular way.

Look back at your life and think about the success that you attained. Be ready to talk about anything of interest to you that had brought you success. You have to show in your essay that you understand what it might have taken for you to succeed and thrive.