Who Do You Most Admire?

Every MBA student has that one person that he or she admires more than anything. There are several points that must be discussed when writing about someone that you truly admire. This is one of the most common MBA essay questions that you will have to answer so think carefully about how you’re going to produce a strong answer to it.

Explain What Makes Someone Admirable

To start, you must talk about the specific things about a person that you admire the most. It could be about some tasks a person has completed, lessons someone has taught or how that person was able to move past various obstacles in one’s life. Whatever it is, be descriptive about how those things that you admire have carried over to your life and what you want to get out of them.

What Did Someone Teach You?

The person that you admire should have taught you a number of lessons about life. That person’s experiences might have helped you to learn more about your interest or have helped you to develop certain strategies for how to live your life. Talk about the things you have learned from someone when explaining that great person in your life.

List Examples

Always list examples of what someone has done in one’s life and that those things have made a real difference in the world. Write about how someone might have inspired you to act in certain ways based on prior events. You could always talk about that person’s evolution and how that person has changed in numerous positive ways. Anything that highlights the good that someone has done could always be worth discussing in some way in particular.

Review Certain Traits

Write about the various traits that the person you admire has. What talents does that person have? How does that person treat others? How diverse is a person’s abilities? Whatever it might be, talk about those traits when discussing someone in particular. Show the reader that the person you want to discuss is fascinating to you in some way.

On a related note, be willing to highlight the traits that person has that you want to have for your own in the future. Mention how you want to move forward with your life in a very unique and distinct way similar to that of whoever it is you admire the most.

Any Meetings?

Have you ever met that person you admire the most? Write about what you did when interacting with that person and how your life has changed after that meeting. Think about how your opinion of someone might have changed after the meeting too. Discuss how the personal connection you have developed has made an impact on your life.

Writing about the person that you admire the most can be enjoyable but you should think about how you are going to go about doing it. You must show that the person that you are interested in the most is someone that is worth discussing and writing about.