7 Common MBA Essay Questions And How To Tackle Them

There are all sorts of MBA essay questions that you might come across when working on such a paper. Fortunately, there are some good ways for you to answer these questions.

  1. What inspired you to get into a certain field?
  2. You can start by discussing your influences for getting into a particular field of study. Talk about your background and those who might have steered you towards whatever you are interested in. You have to show your gratitude as well as your interest in a particular field.

  3. What things matter to you the most?
  4. Be willing to talk not so much about what matters to you in your life but rather why those things matter so much. Explain to the reader why you feel certain perspectives are important and how your future will relate to those points. You must be willing to show how important certain concepts are to your life so you can express yourself as being invested in any particular form of work.

  5. What inspired you to get into a particular school?
  6. When answering this question, talk about the opportunities that you want to get into while at the school you want to apply to. Discuss your future goals and how you feel the school in question will help you get closer to attaining those goals. In other words, don’t just talk about how a school of interest to you is very fascinating.

  7. How did you manage to complete a certain team activity?
  8. While studying for your MBA, you will more than likely be subjected to various team-based activities. You must provide a proper answer relating to how you and others in the team were able to work together and how everyone could contribute. Remember that this question is not about what you do in particular but rather what an entire group does to attain a certain goal.

  9. How are you going to contribute to your school’s community?
  10. You should address how you plan on helping your school’s community by discussing how you’re going to assist others or how you might use your time on campus to your advantage. Think about what you can do to help others and to enrich the lives of other people. The interests of the greater good should be your key focus at this point.

  11. How have you learned from your struggles?
  12. Be open about any failures you had in the past. Talk about how you learned from them and what you are doing today to keep them from happening again. Always talk in detail about how certain things in the past have changed the present for you.

  13. What types of goals do you have?
  14. Divide this particular question into two sections. Talk about the goals you want to attain in the next five years in the first part. Discuss what will happen ten to twenty years down the line in the second part.

All seven of these questions should be checked properly. Be sure to proofread my essay when writing answers to your MBA questions, because you should be fully direct and have the full understanding of what you want to discuss.