Stephens Press Celebrates Nevada’s 150th Birthday

The Las Vegas Review-Journal just announced that the publishing house associated with its parent company, Stephens Press, will help us all celebrate Nevada 150th birthday with the publication of Nevada: 150 Years in the Silver State. Since this announcement, we have spoken to Stephens Press Publisher Carolyn Hayes Uber and the project editor Geoff Schumacher to find out more. The book, which will probably be in the form of a coffee table-type book, will profile all 17 Nevada counties and its metropolitan areas, the natural beauty and landmarks of the state like Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Lake Tahoe, and the state’s entertainment, gaming, mining, ranching and other important industries. During our brief talk, Geoff said that it would be more than a historical approach to the state, stating that the book would be about the state’s great future as well. We love Stephens Press, and really appreciate what they are doing for the sate and its literature. We can’t think of a press more deserving or more capable of doing such a wonderful job with this important book.

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